Piquet the Victim: ‘no one punished more than I’


Brazilian TV Globo had an interview with Nelson Piquet Jr in which he stated that he has been punished more than anyone. The Guardian carried the story here.

“[he would] more or less have to start my career from scratch in formula one”. “Some people have suggested I should have been punished by the FIA but, in reality, no one has been punished more than I have,” Piquet Jr said. “I am at the beginning of my career, unlike the others who have been punished in this case. I am going to have to overcome many obstacles on and off the track to prove my worth.

“I more or less have to start my career from scratch in formula one or justify myself in whatever category I might race in. Despite all the trauma, I have learnt much with what’s happened and I have come out of it stronger and wiser.”

“I made the allegation so that no other driver would go through what I went through and, more importantly, so that the whole episode would be clarified in the way it has been,” he said. “I committed a mistake in accepting what they asked me to do in that situation. But I would have made another mistake if I hadn’t brought it to the public.”

Just last week, countryman Felipe Massa was very critical of Piquet as the Times pointed out:

“He told [the truth] because he was fired; this is not cool,” Massa said. The Ferrari driver, who is slowly returning to the sport after fracturing his skull on the track in July, claimed he was “robbed” of last year’s world title by Renault’s cheating.

“He is in a very difficult position in Formula One,” Massa said. “You can be certain that if someone from a team says, ‘Let’s hire Nelsinho,’ it won’t go down well. I don’t think I would do this. I think that I would have to think very hard about it and I think that I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Both the Guardian and the Times stories have interesting commentary and views but as the F1 paddock may have hardened toward the young Brazilian, it appears that perhaps his racing career may not be over. According to Globo TV, it seems the Red Horse Racing may want to test Piquet in their Toyota Tundra for the NASCAR Truck Series.

Piquet, in this F1B staffer’s opinion, should not be allowed in any series and to be linked with a test in the NASCAR truck series is a sad effort to drum up exposure and PR for the team if you pressed me for a reason. I can’t imagine any reason to test Piquet or have any interest other than riding the coat tails of controversy or looking for Piquet Sr’s money. It makes little sense on the whole of it. There are plenty of drivers and youngsters that would be good in that ride and to look toward Piquet is nonsensical. Perhaps someone at NASCAR will talk some sense into Red Horse Racing. Then again, it is NASCAR…they invented PR, overdone commercialism-in-racing and over exposure.

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