Pirelli announces intent to supply F1

After working their fingers to the bone on a feasibility study, it seems that Italian tire maker Pirelli have decided to throw their hat, and proposal, into the ring as a potential provider of rubber for F1 in 2011. AS we mentioned here, it is an intriguing set of negotiations going on at the moment within F1 as Michelin, Cooper Avon and Pirelli have been bandied about for the better part of a week.

Many suggest that the cost of the Michelin option is very expensive and this presented the ring leader of F1, Bernie Ecclestone, to seek an alternative supply that was more fiscally concerned. Pirelli said they would engage in a feasibility study to determine their level of interest and I must say that I am very impressed because it seems that was announced just a few days ago. Those Italians are some quick feasibility studying people!

Pirelli said:

“Pirelli communicates its decision to present a technical and commercial offer for supply of tyres to all the teams in the Formula One world championship,” read a statement issued by Pirelli.

“The company plans to present the bid to FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) and FOA (Formula One Administration Limited) by 9 May, the date of the next Formula One Grand Prix to be held in Spain.”

I can’t argue with the teams wanting to save money as Williams F1 boss director Sam Michael said the Michelin option was three times the amount of other tire suppliers. Seems logical to entertain smaller makers but I also am concerned about the smaller companies ability to make an F1 tire and supply the entire grid for the 2011 season. That is a huge task but perhaps these companies are up for it.

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