Pirelli bringing harder tires…which team does that benefit?

Spa Francorchamps boasts a 7.004-kilometre lap which is the longest of the entire season. That is why Spa matters. That is why Spa is special and why it always will be. When you consider the length, it is no wonder why it can be raining at one end of the track and be bone dry on the other. The punishing high-speed corners and compression of corners like Eau Rouge can be very hard on tires and Pirelli know this better than anyone. That is why the’re bringing the medium and hard compounds to Belgium.

Pirelli’s head of motor sport, Paul Hembery, said:

“The Spa circuit is a personal favourite of mine. I recently visited the 24-hour race there: the configuration of the track and the variety of the weather always seems to produce some great racing. From a tyre perspective, it’s certainly one of the most demanding circuits that we face all year, because of the high speeds and extreme forces involved, which are often acting on the tyres in more than one dimension. The nomination of the hard and the medium tyres will allow drivers to push hard from start to finish, which is what Spa was designed for. The first half of the season began with the most close and competitive start to a year ever seen in Formula One’s history, so I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of 2012 pans out, and which teams have made which steps forward over the summer break. Currently the grid is so closely-matched – particularly in the midfield – that it’s impossible to predict.”

Given Pirelli’s choice, which teams do you think will fair well on the harder tires (if it doesn’t rain)? That has to play a role in the performance this weekend and which teams strike you as better performers on harder rubber?

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