Pirelli could make small tweaks to tires

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Pirelli are set to meet during the next three weeks to discuss how they’ve done so far and what, if anything, needs to change moving forward in their Formula One tire supply. While REd Bull are keen to see the tire company make changes to their compounds in favor of a more durable tire, Pirelli say that if they make any changes, they would be very small:

“There will likely only be very small tweaks, which will mainly involve changes to the operating ranges of some of the compounds,” he said.

“We will try to not change too much. We will certainly not go to any extremes of making anything conservative.

“It is minor tweaking to ensure that the tyres work when we get to the cooler conditions.”

To be honest, I think that small tweaks are all that is needed. Delaminating tires is not something the sport can afford at 300kph and Pirelli know this better than anyone. They will need to make some adjustments to the compounds for safety reasons and this will require them to be more durable if only slightly.

Pirelli’s Paul Hembery has a very focused approach that is intent on providing the series with a good tire but also safe-guarding Pirelli’s reputation and brand. Impacting the championship is something he is keen to avoid:

“We are going to sit down and look at the first four races, to work out what we might have done differently if we came back again,” said Hembery.

“And primarily, it is about what is coming up: because what worked in Bahrain might not work when we get to a cooler European season.

“If we make changes we want to make them very early on and very quickly because we don’t want to be influencing the championship.

“But the approach will still be stimulating and leading to interesting races as we have had so far this year.

“Having two to three stops is where we are at, and I am quite sure that Barcelona is going to be for a lot of teams a two-stop race, and Monaco will be a one-stop unless we find we have been quite aggressive and it is fun with a two.

“We will all go back to quite a lot of normality.”

As we mentioned in out latest podcast, the path to better racing isn’t major tire changes but small tweaks and I think Pirelli are in agreement but parsing words over brand management and that completely understandable.


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