Pirelli ditch soft tire for Bahrain

After the tire performance at the Chinese Grand Prix, Pirelli were keen to suggest that everything was fine and it was a very fun and exciting race to watch. Maybe that’s how you saw it too but some in the Formula One paddock didn’t see it that way.

Cars were clearly not running and full-tilt or 9/10’s and many were asking their teams if they should fight for position or let competitors pass them over the radio. It was an embarrassing moment for F1. Pirelli, for their part, felt everything was just fine and why shouldn’t it be? F1 asked them to make these tires and they’ve delivered.

Heading into the Bahrain Grand Prix, Pirelli have dropped the soft compound or Option tire in favor of a medium/hard combination. Prior to the year’s first race in Australia, Pirelli had originally stated they were going to use a soft/hard combination but after the Malaysian Grand Prix, the company decided to bring the medium instead. The official word from motor sport boss Paul Hembery:

“It’s one of the most demanding tracks of the year for the tyres, mostly because of the high ambient and track temperatures,” he said.

“We expect about three stops per car, although we’ll have to wait to get some running in on Friday before we can look at the data and make a more accurate prediction. One of the main challenges of racing in Bahrain is that the track evolution is very hard to predict, depending on how much sand is blown onto the circuit.

“From what we saw last year though, there will be plenty of scope for different race strategies, which can even allow drivers who have not qualified as well as they hoped to recover during the grand prix.”

What do you think? Sad to see the tire that gave us 6 laps maximum and acted like a qualifying tire during the race not make its appearance in Bahrain?

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