Pirelli ink contract, fat tires are on the way


Pirelli have officially signed off on their participation as the sole supplier for Formula 1 for the next three seasons. The move comes as the Italian tire maker prepares for the new specification in 2017 with wider tires for a more retro-aggressive look…not to mention a bigger contact patch.

Pirelli say:

“When it comes to talking about technology in motorsport, there’s always the risk of exaggerating in one direction or another: either over-complicating the matter or trivialising it. But in the hope of finding a middle way, here’s what’s going to happen to grand prix racing from next year onwards, as we see it. Formula 1 is facing a popularity crisis and the powers that be have decided to go down the route of adding more performance in order to increase the spectacle. Even now, in the third year of the hybrid era, the cars are about two to three seconds per lap faster compared to last season. Coming up next year is yet another step, with around three to four seconds being cut from current lap times. In order to achieve this, downforce is being increased. After much discussion, teams will be allowed around 15 to 20 per cent more downforce than they are generating this season. So we’ll be seeing cars that are quicker through the corners, although they might not be quite as fast on the straights as they are this year. In order to guarantee sufficient grip as a result of the increased cornering speeds, wider tyres are required. “

I’m not quite sure about that hashtag, folks. #Fit4F1? Sounds like a vegetable smoothie product the drivers drink or a crossFit routine that JB would do each morning as he shoves big tractor tires over and over and over again.

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The wide rear wheels and the wide/low rear wing really makes the car look menacing. One thing Pirelli didn’t include in this mock-up, though, is the halo, which has been decided as the design to be introduced from 2017. The finalized design is said to be sleeker and less obtrusive than the one demoed by Ferrari, but I still can’t help but think it will rather spoil what would otherwise be a nice-looking car.

Paul KieferJr

Perhaps it should be “#BacktotheFuture”. :-D