Pirelli: It was ‘our responsibility’

Pirelli’s initial press release revealing the details of their investigation into the tire explosions at last weekend’s British Grand Prix, was met with some raised eyebrows as it implied the teams had used the tires in a manner that caused the tire issues.

This weekend at the German Grand Prix, Pirelli’s motor sport boss Paul Hembery had a different message for the world:

“I have to say last weekend was our responsibility,” He told AUTOSPORT.

“We allowed the teams to invert the tyres when we shouldn’t have done.

“With the cars going much quicker this year that creates different loads. With the inverted tyres you create a weakness point, and that was the issue.

“There were secondary issues, which have been mentioned, but I don’t want to take away from the fact it was our responsibility.

“Going forward, though, there are things we need to be much more rigid on, and that’s where we are at.”

Part of that rigidity is Pirelli’s desire to have real-time information from the teams about their tires and the status of those tires during the race. Currently that information is not available to the Italian tire maker but they reckon more information could help them guard the tire performances better and prevent any potential issues much more quickly.

Regardless, Pirelli were keen to take the blame for last Sunday’s tire drama and move forward. Friday’s practice session at the famed Nurburgring was without tire incidents.

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