Pirelli looking for system to explain tire selection

For me, the fan at home, one of the challenges about any of the constructs Formula 1 is currently using is knowing when they are being used and to what extent.Things such as DRS have a “zone” and I guess that’s easy enough but more importantly, it is difficult to know how much power is being generated by the ERS or ICE and when and what exactly is happening in the engine and why I should care about how awesome the hybrid is if I don’t have a clue as to what going on.

Tactically the sport has become very complicated to watch for the average viewer and Pirelli’s new tire rules for 2016 will only make that even more difficult. The teams are given more compound options to choose from and can split their strategy between cars if they choose. The problem with that is it becomes even more complicated to follow.

Pirelli seem to understand that and they are working with F1 to come up with a way that fans at home can understand what’s happening. Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola said:

“We have all the data as we have a system which is integrated with FOM and sends the information to television and radio,” he said.

“We are working with FOM to give the information live during the races so that every spectator can understand what is happening.

“I think it’s useful for the media also to know what is the situation and the strategy.”

That’s good because I would appreciate it more if I knew what tactical strategy a particular driver was on and how that could impact their race. I would also like to have graphics that show power use from the hybrid whether ICE or ERS and how much of both. I can’t hear the engine being throttled these days so it would be nice to see it when it is.

Maybe it’s me but adding complexity to the sport in the hopes of creating tactically exciting racing creates confusion for those at home. F1 has always been somewhat complex and I’m fine with that but I’ll be honest, if much of what is happening in a F1 race is really behind the pit wall, how is that good for the fans to appreciate?

What else would you like to see explained better or shown in real time during races?


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Paul KieferJr

I would like to know from the FIA the answers to the following questions: 1. How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.? 2. Before I draw nigh, what does it look like? 3. If I have to pay heed, how much does it cost? 4. What really does happen if I divide by zero? 5. If they do boxing in a “ring”, then why is it square? 6. Why aren’t these people at NASA since it definitely looks like rocket science? 7. Which one wins? Is it irresistible force or an immovable object? 8.… Read more »


I think F1 is taking a page out of your book, NC.

Here is Pirelli, patiently trying to explain tires and strategy and color co-ordination and I’m thinking… Get to the show!

Pirelli: This is the show!

charlie white

If it takes the sport’s sole tire manufacturer to explain team/tire/pit strategy to its audience, something is very wrong here.