Pirelli: Merc ‘would have benefited’ from test

Mercedes were handed a ban from this weeks young Driver test and they lobbied the FIA to have an opportunity to run in eh test as they maintain that the change in test format was down to safety issues and they should be allowed to run for safety concerns.

Apparently that request has been denied by the FIA but Pirelli boss Paul Hembery says that the Silver Arrows shouldn’t worry too much as they will have access to all of the data the teams glean from the Pirelli-ran test. That notion is just fine but I dont’ recall if the teams were privy to the test data that Mercedes harvested back in May during their private test with Pirelli. They may have, I just don’t recall reading that anywhere.

Hembery says Mercedes would have gained from running in the test but that they do have data from last year’s construction tire and should know the aero impact as well as other tire construction related issues telling AUTOSPORT:

“The teams will have a very clear tyre test programme,” said Hembery. “They have to run what we are telling them to run.

“Mercedes do have a lot of data from the tyre from last year in terms of the way it will affect aero and set-up.

“I think they would have benefited from being able to run.

“However, we give all the teams the same feedback [after the test]. We look at the same data, so they have all the same information.”

It will be interesting to see if Mercedes can piece together a puzzle from their 2012 data as well as the Young Driver test data to determine a better way of setting the car up and making an impact on the overall pace. If Germany is any indication, they have a hill to climb to claw back the pace they gained after the first private test in May.

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