Pirelli promises ‘hard’ races in Spa, Monza

How do you know we’ve entered the Formula 1 summer recess?

No, it isn’t because Paul and Grace suddenly switch to drinking lagers, nor is it because Todd changes over to sugar-free Red Bull for his long days lounging by the pool.

It’s because stories about the tire choices for races feel like, well, news. A month or so ahead of races.

But that’s what you get. And Pirelli has announced its tire compounds for the next three races, which include Spa (go Kimi!), Monza (how about you finish, Michael?) and Singapore (ahem, Alonso…) And without further lack of adieu:

Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps) – hard, medium
Italy (Monza) – hard, medium
Singapore (Singapore) – soft, super-soft

For those keeping score, one race thus far has featured the hard/medium blend: Malaysia. And two have been all about being soft and super-soft: Monaco (of course) and Canada.

I’d break down who did well in those races and see if we thought it might portend the upcoming grand prix, but we have ample time for that. (Hint: I’m not sure there’s a real pattern anyway.)

Maybe better just to start wondering how you’re going to fill the time? I suppose those games happening in London helps?

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