Pirelli test is over, here’s what they did in Bahrain

Pirelli has ended its in-season tire test. The test was held directly after the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Italian tire maker was testing potential 2020 compounds.

Here is what they were testing.

Mario Isola – Head of F1 and Car Racing for Pirelli

“In the end we managed to complete the work we needed to do at the Bahrain test with our 2020 prototype tires, despite losing several hours to the rain on the opening day. Many thanks to all the drivers who took part in our test: especially to Fernando Alonso, whose experience has once again been a huge benefit as we start to analyze the data that we have collected. Over the coming days and weeks we will be examining the numbers in close detail to determine the next direction, as we optimize what will be the final year of 13-inch tires next season. As for the in-season test, each team carried out their own individual programs using the current tires that they had selected in advance from the testing allocation for the year. Obviously and understandably, none of them had selected wet weather tires, but it was still a productive test over the two days. Congratulations to Mick Schumacher on his Formula 1 debut: like everyone else, we were impressed by what he achieved during his first F1 outing”.


The element of this test is that the teams got to do extra mileage and that always helps in F1. If they can test and harvest data from their car, it assists them in understanding where they need to focus their development efforts.

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John Cakanic

Almost identical times by Mick in the Ferrari and the Alfa…both say C5 but I’m not sure I trust that. Can you say “Consistency”?


Know what I deduce from those results? Schumacher will be in Kimi’s seat next year.