Pirelli tire failure represents a ‘different problem’

With five rear-left tire explosions (four of which were in the race on Sunday) at the british Grand Prix weekend represented a new issue according to Pirelli’s motor sport director Paul Hembery. According to Hembery, the issue needs to be analyzed:

“Obviously today wasn’t foreseen – we’ve seen something new, a different type of problem,” he said.

“We’re currently performing our analysis. We’ve got to go away and understand what’s happened. When we’ve got the facts we can understand what’s happened and get to the core of the issue. We take these things seriously and when we have the answers we’ll let you know.”

It seemed to be mainly focused around turn 4 and the curbing from initial reports but it is unclear if the curbing, which is made to FIA standards, was the cause as drivers took a lot of the curb during the race or if it was something wrong with the tire. Some pundits suggest a combination of the two but Pirelli aren’t so sure.

In a measured move, Pirelli have suggested they will not comment further until they’ve had time to properly asses the situation, examine the data and tires and determine the actual cause. Anyone want to bet it will be the curbing, drivers’ taking too much curb and teams not using the right PSI in their tires?

For Red Bull’s Christian Horner, the issue is serious and could result in someone getting hurt:

“It was frustrating to see,” admitted a concerned Horner despite neither of his cars suffering an outright failure. “The most important thing is to understand the problem. Pirelli need to go away and reflect and understand what has happened. We need a solution because someone will get hurt if that keeps happening.

“Something needs to be done.”


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