Pirelli’s big surprise!

As Sergio Perez topped the time sheets, he took a moment to tell reporters that the new Pirelli tires for 2013 are degrading at “extreme” levels.

Pirelli said, prior to the first test in Jerez, that they were hoping the new tires would be a surprise and really add to the competition… looks like they were right. Perez told reporters:

“It’s extreme. It’s very, very difficult the degradation – it’s a big surprise,” Perez said.

“Normally we see in winter testing a lot of degradation, but never this much. We are going to have sometimes cold races like here, so it’s a bit of a worry, but we are still learning about the tyres and once we go racing I hope things can change with the tyres.”

It brings to mind the first question, what is “extreme”? Sergio says:

“The tyre is difficult to do two or three laps with it. Once you do a lap you are starting to fight degradation so it’s pretty difficult to learn anything from your car or from the balance.”

Wow, one lap and they are seeking balance and grip. hopefully that’s a bit of an exaggeration because if tires are degrading after one lap, the challenge will really turn the apple cart over and chuck it out the window for 2013.

So what does Sergio do to handle the degradation?

“As a driver obviously you can help the tyres to last a bit longer, but at the moment we are learning from the tyre is basically very weak and there’s very little the driver can do now to help the degradation,” he said.

Perhaps those long runs in 2012 that Sergio did while driving for Sauber are a thing of the past?

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