Pleased Schumacher, looking for ‘mixed’ conditions

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Saturday’s wet qualifying session for the British Grand Prix was much like Friday’s practice session…sopping wet. That didn’t stop Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Michael Schumacher from placing third ont eh grid for Sunday’s race and if he has anything to do about it, rain will be the weather of choice for the race as well.

“I think we look reasonably competitive in wet conditions, either on inters or full wet,” said Schumacher. “So therefore rain is welcome tomorrow.

“But it was a bit of an exciting session today, particularly Q2. I’m happy with third – good work by the boys.”

The conditions were very difficult and drivers were throwing down fast laps with caution:

“I think it was only initially difficult to decide, but when you give it a watch and see what others are doing it was clear inter was the tyre to be on,” he added. “I didn’t want to make a mistake so I left a margin.

“Nevertheless to finish third was good for us. I am quite pleased for this. It’s a good position to start the race from and depending on the conditions we have tomorrow maybe I am on the lucky side as it might be drier. But mixed conditions will be very much appreciated by me.”

Rain may be Schumacher’s desire but the German had his fair share of moments during session Q2 when he was off the circuit several times himself. A man known for his wet weather driving skills, Schumacher’s struggles were indicative of just how dangerous conditions were just prior to the red flag late in Q2.


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