Podcast #110~ Le Mans Insight

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Please join me in welcoming professional driver Paul Charsley to F1B. Paul is an instructor for the Audi sports car Experience, has driven Super Touring Car, endurance sports cars and his family has been involved in F1, Le Mans and manufacturer level motor sport his entire life. We discuss what a driver faces in endurance racing like Le Mans and just a bit of Le Mans news from free practice today.

DISCLAIMER ON AUDIO QUALITY: Paul and I were working in the middle of a major thunderstorm, on Skype over wi-fi on an iPhone so I had to compress the audio a lot to get it as clear as possible. I apologize for the audio quality and maybe we can record together on the next podcast to eliminate the issues. I am sorry about that but I still think you’ll enjoy Paul’s wit and insight into driving and find him as amazing as I do. It is indeed an honor to have him on the show. See you real soon for podcast #111.


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