Podcast #26


F1B Podcast

Grace is somewhat pleased with Kimi’s victory and championship!!
Fashion Report
Largest recipient of Bravado award ever!
Lewis melts down
More fun than losing the world title

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Nice definition on what a “Driver” is…

How are you seeing the ITV F1 coverage?

True if Ron had put Alonso as #1, McLaren would have the Drivers Championship…

Massa hoped at the beginning of the season, as he was outperforming Kimi, that he would be #1, but it wasn’t to be…

Will there be a Season Review podcast?

Great season guys, you made it even more enjoyable, thansk for all your hard work on the site and podcast.

John “P.O.W.” Stone


We’ve discussed it… And while I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast, Todd does all the heavy lifting around here. I just show up and talk. I am after the Kimi Raikkonen of podcasting.

Negative Camber

Thx JYS. You’re a large part of what makes this site fun. We were actually talking about a season review podcast. That requires copious notes on both our parts and make take a little time to do. Of course it might not be prudent until we can get the results of the appeal and wrest the trophy from Kimi’s cold hands. ;)


And over my dead body. For once I’m not the one wishing for the sky to fall and I’ll be hard pressed to let my team take it away from me… I mean Kimi.

Negative Camber

LOL. It’s hard to be a macca when they have really stepped in it this year. Now you are starting to learn what it have meant to be a Ferrari/Schumi fan for all these years and suffered from the goffy crap macca pulled on them. Ferrari would pull their own stuff in return but I do not envy your position of having to suffer both teams politics. ;)


If only Ross Brawn was at Ferrari this year. He’s just so good at the political stunts that you almost fail to realize they’re political stunts. Oh I miss the days of press conferences with Brawn, Dennis, and Patrick Head.