Podcast #51


Grace talks about Nick…no, the OTHER Nick.

Honda punts Super Aguri

Max hires PI to discover he did it?

McLaren implicated for being attached to a conspiracy theory.

Awards and more. yes, it is shorter this time.

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Lucas S.
Lucas S.

I have the diamond

Maybe Brawn will get Fry canned

Max should have stopped at 4 hookers

I prefer Senna for the record. Although that Prost guy wasn’t too shabby either.

I already have Sato under contract for the local Demolition derby, Ha Ha!

I’m liking Vijay too

I’m sticking up for Fisi he ain’t doing too bad

There is a lot of ugly people in F1 for Robert to be getting so much crap. The man is going to have a complex.

Just to be different

1 Kimi
2 Nick
3 Alonso

I know I know…………..

I pick DC out first.

Good job guys

Lucas S.


Rossi’s never crazy? The guy’s a complete fruit loop. In a good way. I agree the tyres are hugely important in motogp but Mamola and the guys on eurosport were saying it was a tire neutral track. So I think it was more that that. Pedrosa had a great race but if you watched him in comparisson to Rossi he looked like he had to do a lot more work to get his lap times where as Rossi looked like he was on rails. So I think both riders were at the top of their form (lap times were phenomenal,… Read more »

Negative Camber

LOL. Great idea. F1B sponsorship; I like it.

Good insight. I am just trying to understand how big of impact the tire war in MotoGP really is. Just learning Paul and I appreciate your input.


Woo hoo! my first post of the week! Thanks for the shout out. :) Made my night.

1. Kimi
2. Lewis
3. Alonzo

There’s no way that DC can be first out; he’s always at worst the SECOND one out – after he bumps somebody, or somebody bumps him. That person is out immediately, then DC limps around for another lap or two before retiring. Just cuz he’s strong like (red) bull.

Lucas S.
Lucas S.

Good point about DC, I withdraw my prediction. My new prediction is whoever bumps or gets bumped by DC.

Lucas S.


You are right Paul – Rossi is crazy but I meant in a professional manner and not in a personal manner. I was just trying to make the point that it is a fool man who discounts Rossi or thinks that he’s just jumping around without a plan. The man is crazy and brilliant and he knew exactly what he was doing when he switched tires. I agree that its a more neutral tire track which is also what I was trying to get at but poorly. Dani and Valy are not on the same level. Dani is good but… Read more »


I knew what you meant Grace, I just felt i had to voice my opinion of Rossi being a lunatic for the sake of it. :) It’s nice to type out loud that people are crazier than me. I should point out that thought I’ve been watching bikes since i was a kid I have no insight. I regurgitate what i hear and make the rest up. One thing is clear though tyres, tires and round bits of rubber are crucial in all sports. Even in F! the biggest leap year on year in lap times Is I think (Someone… Read more »