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The Canadian Review. All the musings of an eventful GP with a slice of toast, cup of tea and the sounds of Circuit Mont Tremblant.Yes, we felt bad for Lewis too. Anthony is probably rubbing Lewis’s nose in it for all the wisecracks he probably got about the Porsche.

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Lucas S.
Lucas S.

Canada was about 1 thing Karma. Kubica Vs the track. Kubica had to be thrilled to go back there and win. Kimi got rammed after ramming Sutil in Monaco. Fred crashed trying to pass Nick instead of crashing into the side of Nick like monaco. BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! BMW! Massa’s pass was one of my favorite parts of the race. If he hadn’t done so well and got back in the points BMW would have been tied for 1st in the constructors championship. I think Vettel into Webber was different than… Read more »

John Stone
John Stone

Sorry NC, but the Safety Car had nothing to do with Lewis’ incident, it was all Lewis. Whether he saw the light or not, cars were stopped in front of him, so I guess if your Lewis, you just keep accelerating through the stopped cars!

Though I’d love to see him do that to Danica….. Danica vs. Lewis on HBO Boxing…..

Hey maybe he was busy texting a friend, about how good he was doing in the race, and wasn’t looking outside the car.

Go Audi go, in LeMans….

White powder, white powder, I have no knowledge of what your talking about…..

John “sheeeeeeeesh….” Stone


“Danica vs. Lewis on HBO Boxing…..”

I’m sorry, a catfight like that needs to be on pay-per-view!