Podcast..or lack thereof

As earlier stated, I am basking in the cool summer of Michigan this week. Feeling the breeze off the lake and enjoying low humidity weather. Part of that process is to re-charge the batteries. To re-fuel or a splash-n-go as it were.

After a strenuous first half of the year in F1B, I assume the break from a podcast is deserved and to offset that fact, we offered three podcasts last week. If you haven’t listened to them yet, please do so. There are some good moments and exclusives in them.

Never fear, I do not have unlimited vacation time so I will be back next week with all the usual suspects and hopefully Grace and I will actually have some news to discuss. Since all the really good, juicy news has happened in my absence. Such is life and tragically while my life is often placed on hold or arranged around F1; the sentiment is not reciprocal.

So with BMW leaving, Schumacher returning, Massa leaving, FOTA returning, Piquet leaving, Grosjean returning, testing leaving, testing returning and me and my family leaving and returning; I presume we will have much to say when the next podcast kicks off our second half of the season next week.

So many thoughts to share and so many opinions to be heard. I would be completely remiss to not give a hearty thank you to SJ (Steve) for all his heavy lifting in my absence and for the terrific posts which have given us all an opportunity to share opinion and chime in on what is so clearly dear to our heart…that wacky sport called F1.

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