Porsche & Hulkenberg win Le Mans

As a Formula 1 geek who feels Nico Hulkenberg is a seriously underrated driver in the series, it is with great joy that I report his winning the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans on his very first attempt.

Three drivers who have never given it a shot claimed victory in a marque that was determined to reclaim its Le Mans pedigree having been absent from the top step since 1998. Porsche ran perfectly while sister VW Group team, Audi, struggled with mechanical issues that prevented their continued domination of the race.

I’ll be honest, I was excited for Nico that he was running the race this year but felt Mark Webber, in the sister Porsche, would be the guy to watch along with Audi’s Benoit Treluyer. In the end, Hulkenberg and teammates Nick Tandy and Earl Bamber took the top step.

Some of you who attended the F1 race at COTA last year will recall Bamber taking the Porsche Cup win there. A great day for Hulkenberg who may have been wondering what life after F1 might be like given no team has given him a competitive ride. Perhaps this is the answer?


1LMP1N.Hulkenberg, E.Bamber, N.TandyPorsche TeamPorsche
2LMP1T.Bernhard, M.Webber, B.HartleyPorsche TeamPorsche1 Lap
3LMP1M.Fassler, A.Lotterer, B.TreluyerAudi Sport Team JoestAudi2 Laps
4LMP1L.di Grassi, L.Duval, O.JarvisAudi Sport Team JoestAudi3 Laps
5LMP1R.Dumas, N.Jani, M.LiebPorsche TeamPorsche4 Laps
6LMP1A.Wurz, S.Sarrazin, M.ConwayToyota RacingToyota8 Laps
7LMP1F.Albuquerque, M.Bonanomi, R.RastAudi Sport Team JoestAudi8 Laps
8LMP1A.Davidson, S.Buemi, K.NakajimaToyota RacingToyota9 Laps
9LMP2M.Howson, R.Bradley, N.LapierreKCMGORECA/Nissan37 Laps
10LMP2S.Dolan, M.Evans, O.TurveyJOTAGibson/Nissan37 Laps
11LMP2R.Rusinov, J.Canal, S.BirdG-Drive RacingLigier/Nissan37 Laps
12LMP2G.Yacaman, L.Derani, R.GonzalezG-Drive RacingLigier/Nissan41 Laps
13LMP2K.Chandhok, M.Patterson, N.BerthonMurphy PrototypesORECA/Nissan48 Laps
14LMP2M.Mediani, D.Markozov, N.MinassianSMP RacingBR Engineering/Nissan55 Laps
15LMP2E.Brown, J.van Overbeek, J.FogartyExtreme Speed MotorsportsLigier/HPD56 Laps
16LMP2P.Perret, I.Bellarosa, J.IbanezIbanez RacingORECA/Nissan58 Laps
17GTE ProO.Gavin, T.Milner, J.TaylorCorvette RacingChevrolet58 Laps
18LMP1A.Imperatori, D.Kraihamer, D.AbtRebellion RacingRebellion/AER59 Laps
19LMP2L.Roussel, D.Cheng, H-Pin TungPegasus RacingMorgan/Nissan61 Laps
20GTE AmV.Shaitar, A.Bertolini, A.BasovSMP RacingFerrari63 Laps
21GTE ProD.Rigon, J.Calado, O.BerettaAF CorseFerrari63 Laps
22GTE AmP.Dempsey, P.Long, M.SeefriedDempsey Racing – ProtonPorsche64 Laps
23LMP1N.Prost, M.Beche, N.HeidfeldRebellion RacingRebellion/AER65 Laps
24GTE AmB.Sweedler, T.Bell, J.SegalScuderia CorsaFerrari65 Laps
25GTE ProG.Bruni, T.Vilander, G.FisichellaAF CorseFerrari65 Laps
26GTE AmF.Perrodo, E.Collard, R.AguasAF CorseFerrari65 Laps
27GTE ProM.Sorensen, C.Nygaard, N.ThiimAston Martin RacingAston Martin65 Laps
28LMP2S.Sharp, R.Dalziel, D.HanssonExtreme Speed MotorsportsLigier/HPD66 Laps
29LMP2J.Nicolet, J-M.Merlin, E.MarisOak RacingLigier/HPD67 Laps
30GTE ProR.Lietz, M.Christensen, J.BergmeisterPorsche Team MantheyPorsche68 Laps
31GTE AmP.Mann, R.Giammaria, M.CressoniAF CorseFerrari69 Laps
32LMP2T.Krohn, N.Jonsson, J.BarbosaKrohn RacingLigier/Judd72 Laps
33LMP2M.Aleshin, K.Ladygin, A.LadyginSMP RacingBR Engineering/Nissan73 Laps
34GTE ProF.Rees, A.MacDowall, R.StanawayAston Martin RacingAston Martin75 Laps
35GTE AmH.C.Chen, G.Vannelet, M.ParisyTeam AAIPorsche75 Laps
36GTE AmA.Al Faisal, K.Giermaziak, M.AvenattiJMW MotorsportFerrari75 Laps
37GTE AmJ.San Chen, A.Kapadia, X.MaassenTeam AAIPorsche79 Laps
38GTE AmP.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.LaudaAston Martin RacingAston Martin74 Laps
LMP2C.Cumming, L.Vanthoor, K.EstreOak RacingLigier/HPDRetirement
GTE AmJ.Bleekemolen, B.Keating, M.MillerRiley Motorsports-Ti AutoSRT/DodgeRetirement
LMP2N.Leventis, D.Watts, J.KaneStrakka RacingDome/NissanRetirement
LMP1S.Trummer, P.Kaffer, T.MonteiroTeam ByKollesCLM/AERNot classified
LMP1H.Tincknell, M.Krumm, A.BuncombeNissan MotorsportsNissanNot classified
GTE AmD.Cameron, M.Griffin, A.MortimerAF CorseFerrariRetirement
LMP1O.Pla, J.Mardenborough, M.ChiltonNissan MotorsportsNissanRetirement
LMP2P.Thiriet, T.Gommendy, L.BadeyThiriet by TDS RacingORECA/NissanRetirement
GTE AmR.Goethe, S.Hall, F.CastellacciAston Martin RacingAston MartinRetirement
LMP2P.Ragues, O.Webb, Z.AmbergTeam SARD MorandMorgan/SARDRetirement
LMP1T.Matsuda, M.Shulzhitskiy, L.OrdonezNissan MotorsportsNissanRetirement
GTE ProD.Turner, S.Mucke, R.BellAston Martin RacingAston MartinRetirement
LMP2N.Panciatici, P-L.Chatin, V.CapillaireSignatech AlpineAlpine/NissanRetirement
GTE AmG.Roda, P.Ruberti, K.PoulsenLarbre CompetitionChevroletRetirement
LMP2G.Hirsch, G.Paletou, J.LancasterGreaves MotorsportGibson/NissanRetirement
GTE AmC.Ried, K.Al Qubaisi, K.BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorscheRetirement
GTE ProP.Pilet, F.Makowiecki, W.HenzlerPorsche Team MantheyPorscheRetirement
GTE ProJ.Magnussen, A.Garcia, R.BriscoeCorvette RacingChevroletWithdrawn


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Patrick Dinsmoor

Great win for Nico and the entire Porsche Team. I have the highest respect for Audi and what they have achieved at Le Mans over the last 15+ years, but its awesome to see someone finally beat them again. I think its important for the WEC and sportscar racing as a whole for someone other than Audi to win. I think a lot of casual fans are turned off from watching Le Mans because Audi always won, it was almost inevitable, just like now people are turned off from watching F1 because of the inevitability of Mercedes always winning. My… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

Proves that Hulkenbeg can compete in any discipline. Now all we need is a brand new big bucks team to give him a shot at winning in Formula 1. it’s probably the only chance he’ll have a getting a sniff at a title.

Richard Bunce

I like how the FIA regulates WEC power units.


Lacking Fox Sports 2 in our area, I opted for the $10 ticket via the FIA/WEC app. I am glad I did. The coverage was excellent and the presenters didn’t bother with tedious explanations for neophytes. We got the world feed plus constant on demand in-car camera for LMP1 contenders as well as contenders in other classes. Goodbye Fox.

Fair play to Nico Hulkenberg; it looks to me like the 1 minute stop/go penalty served by Mark Webber early in the race did not solely represent the difference between P1 and P2.

Tom Firth

Thank you Todd for remembering Earl Bamber and Nick Tandy existed and also raced incredibly hard to take that car to overall victory, It’s a refreshing change this morning!


In New Zealand the race result was reported as ‘two kiwis on the podium at Le Mans for the first time since 1966’ – nothing parochial about kiwis ;-)

Tom Firth

I like it :-) You got a third kiwi on the podium, with Mitch Evans in LMP2.


Thanks Tom, The media here probably don’t understand there is more than one class at Le Mans , so figuring out that Mitch Evans also ‘won’ would be too hard.

Tom Firth

I’ve got some post race thoughts on the race myself, should be up later today

peter riva

Great posting, thanks for helping us figure our the classes! And yes, you are right, Hulkenberg did a great job according to the commentary.


Congrats to the few drivers I’m aware of (new to WEC). I’ve watched Hartley for years so when he and Webber were paired, I wanted them to win, or Nico. If they finished alternately, I’d probably say that I really wanted Nico to win. It’s better the way it is because he needs a better drive in F1.

It’s unlikely that he gets anything better, or wins a race. Mercs won’t give up their drivers, Ferrari and Bottas seem set, and no other constructor can compete at this time.


The Hulk just cant catch a break! “Rumours suggest Ferrari are not happy with an all German driver line up.”