Porsche pull out of ALMS series

In another bout of bad news, Porsche have announced they will no longer be racing in the ALMS LMP2 category. On the heels of Audi’s shock announcement that they will not contest the ALMS LMP1 category in 2009, Porsche have followed suit. The year 2008 saw the Penske Porsche’s very competitive and put on a great race against the Acura’s but with Acura moving to LMP1 and Audi leaving the ALMS series, Porsche’s decision doesn’t really surprise me.

Could this mean that VW/Porsche/Audi have some other racing venture in mind or are they just being prudent and perhaps over reactionary on their global economic crisis reductions? As I understand it they are looking to the IRL series for 2011 or 2012 as a supplier but what else could be happening? Hmmm. If you are a conspiracy theory perosn, buying Honda might be cheap now. ;)

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