Porsche returns as factory team in Le Mans

If you are a Porsche or endurance racing fan, then you’ll be happy to hear that Porsche has decided to return to the series with their own LMP1 car. It’s a huge move by the company who hasn’t been in the sport as a works-team since 1998.

The company will be preparing the new P1 car with an eye for completion by mid-2013 and former BMW employee, Fritz Enzinger, will head the project. It’s an interesting move for VW in that their Audi brand has been dominating the series for years now and currently run a P1 car. The new Porsche will, like the Audi, be a hybrid car and it makes one wonder if VW is happy running both brands head-to-head or if they have something else in mind for Audi.

Regardless of my musing, Porsche has upgraded its Stuttgart motorsport facility and will be taking on all comers in the WEC and it’s about time they return to sharp end of the grid as a company effort.


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