It is at times like these that if words could speak, they’d mean even less. I have very few words to adequately describe our sympathy, condolences and heart-wrenching anguish we at FBC have for our friends in France.

As an American, we know your pain. You prayed for us in our time of mourning. You stood beside us when we faced immeasurable grief and tonight, we remember your compassion and offer our prayers, condolences and compassion in return.

While this is not a political blog, we feel compelled to offer our prayers and we want all of our friends in Paris and across the great nation of France to know…

We stand with you and we #PrierPourParis


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Paul KieferJr

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want….”

Johnpierre Rivera

well said well said Todd….

Tim C.

Ditto what you said Todd . . . ditto.


I guess the assassins were also praying during their last minutes.

jiji the cat

australia is with you


We know this pain and grieve with France.

Meine Postma

Imagine no religion…