Prime & Option: the week in review, October 28

This week was really all about Sebastian Vettel crowning himself world champion with a victory at the Indian Grand Prix. Some other stuff happened, like Toro Rosso announcing a second Russian driver for the grid next year and Marussia signing a deal with Bernie Ecclestone, but really, it’s all about the four time world champion, rather unlike last week’s mostly 2014 news. Still, 2014 news is creeping up on us as there are hints that Pastor Maldonado will leave Williams, to be replaced by Felipe Massa.

Sebastian Vettel Wins Indian Grand Prix, 2013 Driver’s Championship, & Red Bull the Constructor’s Championship
Sebastian Vettel won the Indian Grand Prix despite his teammate’s retirement and his team’s admonitions that his Red Bull might just be about to come apart at the seams. This ear’s Indian GP at the Buddh Circuit saw retirements, clashes, a jumped start, and more than one team yelling at a driver over the radio. Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean hoisted Vettel in celebration on the podium after the champion spun donuts on the front straight.

Read the entire Grand Prix Redux, catch up on how Vettel took pole in Saturday’s qualifying sessions, see what the drivers had to say after the race, after qualifying, and after practice, and brush up for today’s #F1Chat.

Toro Rosso Signs Daniil Kvyat for 2014
Toro Rosso announced this week that 19 year old Russian Daniil Kvyat will be racing for the Red Bull junior team next season. The youngster is overjoyed, saying, “This is fantastic news, a dream come true and I want to thank Red Bull and Toro Rosso for giving me this priceless opportunity.”

Marussia & Ecclestone/FOM Sign Contracts
The last team to do so, Marussia has signed on to the bi-lateral agreement with Ecclestone, though no Concorde Agreement has yet been reached between all the teams and the FIA. Team principal Graeme Lowdon noted, “it also changes how the team’s perceived externally. We kind of were in a position where we were the only team that hadn’t signed and now every team has signed individual agreements.”

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