Prince Albert: F1 can’t afford losing Ferrari

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Prince Albert of Monaco has suggested that F1 can’t afford to lose Ferrari or Renault due to the regulations row currently brewing in the streets of Monaco like some military coup in one of those countries Bernie has on contract racing at a $400 million race track in a swamp. Apparently Prince Albert has hope that an agreement will be reached and there is a hint…just a hint, folks, that if a new series should vomit forth from the F1 series; Monaco might fight to be on that calendar. I know, he is talking about F1 but lighten up and believe in the conspiracy. Next we’ll discuss the Illuminati and how Marshall Bell really does have Kuato living on his stomach. Hey, it could be real.

“I’m sure we cannot afford to lose teams like Ferrari or Renault. I think it would be such a bad image for the sport that I am sure that a solution is going to be found.”

Prince Albert said that Monaco organisers would fight to keep their race on the calendar because of the huge economic impact it has.

“The economic impact can be measured in hundreds of millions of Euros, and it is part of history and should there be a change in regulations or in the sport’s outlook on things, then we would all put up a big fight to try and keep the grand prix here.

“We are happy to work with the FIA and everyone involved in F1 racing.”


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