ProDrive’s Richards Slams Williams F1

Dave Richards, ProDrive Boss, has commented on his blocked attempt to enter F1 by the Williams team.

In an interview with Racer Magazine, Mr. Richards has suggested that Williams are not running a business.

“It seems to me they are protecting a position which is outdated, and doesn’t serve them very well either, when you look at their financial records. It’s run by people who want to go motor racing, not by people who want to run a business,” he shared with Racer magazine.

“I think that we’ll be sitting down in two years’ time missing two manufacturers and saying ‘Why didn’t we do this?’

“There’s no other way of allowing people to come in. And once the (new) Concorde Agreement is written, then it’ll be very difficult to change things,”

Interestingly, Dave feels there is no other way in to F1 other than buying a McLaren and running it. Makes one wonder just how Force India are in F1.

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