Professor Sid Watkins- F1 honors memory

Formula One pay tribute this week to a singular man among its ranks, Professor Sid Watkins. The man who promoted safety and is credited with saving many lives in Formula 1 passed away this week bringing a somber mood and reflection to the sport he impacted so much.

Sir Frank Williams wrote a very nice piece here.

The FIA posted a wonderful article here.

Formula One has a nice article here.

Another great read is Manish Pandey’s article here.

McLaren’s ron Dennis said:

“The world of motor racing has lost one of its true greats. No, he wasn’t a driver. No, he wasn’t an engineer. No, he wasn’t a designer. He was a doctor and it’s probably fair to say he did more than anyone, over many years, to make Formula One as safe as it is today.

“Many drivers and ex-drivers owe their lives to his careful and expert work, which resulted in the massive advances in safety levels that today’s drivers possibly take for granted.”

Ron couldn’t have been more correct, Sid was a singular man and many drivers owe their lives to this wonderful man.

Our deepest condolences to the Watkins family and friends. He will be immeasurably missed.

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