Prost to lead Renault?

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I must confess that I am a little biased because I was a Prost fan in the legendary Prost/Senna era. I had always respected Senna’s ability (yes, even his aggressive nature) but there was something that compelled me to cheer for Alain Prost. He just seemed to be as quick as Senna without the harsh, aggressive nature in which to do it. He was smooth, intelligent and calculated. He dissected the apex rather than pummeled it.

When I was young I was a Jacques Laffite. Now it’s not difficult to understand why given my first haunting recollection of F1 was the sound of a Ferrari V12. As I grew older and came to understand what I was watching seated next to my father on the couch, the sound of the Matra V12 spoke to me like a Siren on the rocky crags of Sirenum Scopuli. At the helm of this awesome power was Laffite.

I had the odd notion as a youngster that French drivers must be good if they could manage the sheer power and beauty that was the V12. When Prost came along, it was only natural that I would gravitate toward him. I have never met the man but must admit that I was a Prost F1 Team fan in the 90’s and loved the blue cars. So it comes a little surprise that I am excited about the notion of Alain Prost being tipped as a Flavio Briatore replacement at the beleaguered Renault team. You can read Mr. Rolley’s full story here at the Daily Mail…good read.

If Renault survives the Spanish Inquisition in tomorrow’s Mosley-lead Nuremburg-esque tribunal of morality and all things ripe with integrity; it has been suggested that Alain Prost just might find himself at the helm of the F1 team. I can get behind this move because I believe Prost to be a man of integrity. His role in F1 as a driver portrayed integrity and even though the French government were at odds with the Prost team; he still managed to field a respectable offering as a privateer.

Can Renault use a man who is above reproach? A man who would not attempt to fix a race or enter into tawdry sex scandals or steal competitor’s technical data? Well why not? We’ve tried the other ones so let us take a long look at a sense of morality, integrity and business acumen. Perhaps the introduction of Prost at Renault and Ari Vatanen at the FIA will be the breath of fresh air needed to propel F1 back to its rightful place as the pinnacle of motorsport. Prost said:

‘The whole of my career, I think I was working with integrity and F1 desperately needs to regain some morality,’

‘It should be difficult for Briatore or Symonds to find a way back into F1 but in this sport you never know,’ added Prost. ‘In a moral world, it should be impossible for them to do so.’

‘Piquet went too far but it is something that should not happen again. It is not fair. If you want to keep constructors in F1, you have to have a sport that is more clean and with greater integrity. Team principals should not manage drivers.’

So here is to Alain Prost at Renault. You have my endorsement from a fan who watched with great anticipation as the Senna/Prost battle raged in my younger years. Speaking of the Senna/prost battles? Prost said:

‘Slowly, I realised his motivation was not just to beat me but to destroy me. I was not prepared to die in a racing car,’



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