Purely for fun: Ferrari cites scandalous headlines

I can’t help but note what might be Ferrari’s best release on the whole European Grand Prix incident/scandal/Safety Car issue.

Titled, “Formula chaos in the world press,” here is the release from Monday:

“Calm Vettel wins chaotic race” is the Herald Tribune’s headline, “Scandal Hamilton, Ferrari deceived,” titles the Gazzetta dello Sport. “It’s Formula Chaos” claims La Repubblica, while the Spanish daily Marca underlines in an article titled “Formula 1 drivers have to oppose Hamilton’s favourable treatment” pointing out how the whole race was distorted. That yesterday’s race was decided when the safety car came out and was overtaken is a fact recognised also by The Times, underlining how Alonso and Massa “correctly stayed behind the Safety Car”, while this was the race’s turning point.

Honestly, I’m not sure what Ferrari is hoping to get out of this one. Maybe to rile up its fans? Surely it doesn’t think that other teams or Formula 1 leaders are going to be swayed by this?

I do like how The Times is singled out.

And, again not picking sides, but I would hope that even the biggest, most ardent Ferrari and Fernando Alonso fans would see the irony in Ferrari taking on the victim role. Not because of any specific thing, many of which have been mentioned in other posts, but because Ferrari is the big dog on the block. They are.

Anyway, it’s made us all forget about how Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber are about to explode and destroy each other’s seasons, right?

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