Put a fork in Schumacher. He’s through

It isn’t my saying it, it’s Formula 1, officially.

Here’s all you need to know:

Hall of Fame – Michael Schumacher

Stuck in the mire of what is proving to be his toughest season to date, it’s all too easy to forget just how much Michael Schumacher achieved before his retirement.

Although his F1 return hasn’t yet boosted his career statistics, his tally of seven world titles and 91 wins speaks volumes about his talents. As he heads to his home Grand Prix in Germany, we look back at his previous successes…

If looking back at Schumacher’s “previous successes” isn’t the surest sign that his time has come and gone, I don’t know what is.

This also makes me realize, we haven’t had a “Secret Life” with Michael yet… they always ask if the driver is the type to have a Plan B. Can we guess Michael’s answer?

For the rundown of his career, you can go here. Best get to it before F1 puts up a Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso piece.

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