Qualifying for Grand Prix of Houston pushed back to Saturday, Sunday

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Due to issues with the track surface, qualifying for the Grand Prix of Houston will now take place before the race on each day of the weekend.

The cause for the issue is underneath the front stretch (which is really a parking lot) of the 1.683 mile Reliant Park street circuit is where the Houston Texans keep the surface for the Reliant Stadium’s football field. As a result of this and the rather quick time setting up the circuit (around 96 hours) the was not much time to fully survey the surface. After practice for the Pirrelli World Challenge the front stretch was deemed too rough to race comfortably. The track will be smoothed out tonight.

Qualifying for race 1 was originally scheduled for 3pm local time, now it will take place at 10:45 am local time. Qualifying for race 2 will take place at 8:45 am on Sunday.

For the time being and so cars can get on the track, a temporary chicane has been set up coming onto the frontstretch.

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