Quibble starts over list

I was reading James Allen’s piece about FOTA being nonplussed about Mr. Donnelly’s behavior at the Turkish Grand Prix recently. Apparently the story is from Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and it says that FOTA sent a letter to the FIA complaining about Alan’s behavior. As James puts it,

“The letter alleges that Donnelly was going around from team to team telling them to abandon the FOTA stance and sign up for 2010. It amounted to behaviour which the teams considered not appropriate for a man whose role at the races is to convene and oversee the stewards and to take a totally impartial view of problems arising on the track”.

James also mentions that Italian applicant N Technology is very disgruntled as they feel their application was not processed correctly with documents being mislaid etc. Whew! Even on the outer fringes of Max’s pathetic political war the quibble will just not die down. What? A day, maybe two and we’ll be hearing from Max’s love child or Bernie’s new lover who was actually the 18 year-old girl from the nightclub whose dad is a Barrister? Seesh. This gets more ridiculous by the hour and for those of you keeping score at home; I agree with FOTA is Donnelly was on a personal mission to con the teams to bail out on FOTA. Shut it Alan! You have a race to oversee and in case you missed it, stewards decisions are not at an all-time high right now.

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