Quick Nick Special | Podcast Ep 815

We hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season with friends and family and we will be back next week for our New Year’s Resolution Podcast. That’s usually a fun episode to make.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this TPF rewind featuring our dear friend and past contributor, Mark Hallam. Mark managed to attend the Nick Heidfeld Christmas Party in Germany and created this terrific feature back when Nick was still driving for Sauber.

You veteran listeners will enjoy hearing the dulcet tones of Mark again (I still get messages once in a while from listeners who say they still miss hearing Mark), and for newer listeners, you might enjoy a slice of F1 history and learning about Quick Nick Heidfeld. You may also enjoy hearing from our friend Mark. We miss you Mark and we hope you are doing well.

See you all next week!

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What a great blast from the past.

Here is Nick on the Nordschleife in a McLaren GT3 overtaking everybody in one lap. Favourite bit is the handwaving towards the Porsche at around 2:50 … once he is past that guy, there is no stopping him.


I wish you happy holidays!