Quick update: Symonds says he can get back to work now

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Pat Symonds, whom everyone seems to agree is a good guy and a great engineering mind, says he can begin consulting immediately with any Formula 1 team under the agreement he and former fellow Renaul team leader Flavio Briatore reached with the FIA this week.

Autosport has the news.

However, according to Symonds, the agreement reached with the FIA means that he can already start working for any Formula 1 team as a consultant through his Neutrino Dynamics company.

On Tuesday, the former Renault chief of engineering, issued a statement saying that he will continue to contribute to Formula 1 in his role whenever possible.

“Under this agreement Pat Symonds acknowledges that it was his duty to prevent such an event occurring and, in not doing so, he must share in the responsibility attached to this incident,” said Symonds in a statement.

“As such, and with the best interests of the sport in mind, he has agreed with the FIA that he will not take a direct operational role in Formula 1 until the end of 2012 nor will he take any similar role in any team involved in any other FIA series until the end of 2011.

“This agreement does not prevent him acting as a consultant to any team during this period and he will continue to contribute to the sport in this, and other, ways.

I suspect Lotus, HRT and Virgin are all racing to the phones today. If not, they deserve to be stuck at the grid’s rear end!


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