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Grandprix.com is reporting that the teams met in Singapore and have officially dug the grave for KERS. Yes, including long-time hold-out and big proponent Williams F1. Now this is interesting in that Williams said they would run the fly-wheel of death irrespective as they feel very positive about their program. They also eluded to a commercial use for it as well.

But apparently FOTA did it’s job and garnered parity amongst all the teams. The Push-Not-to-be-passed button is just not that conducive to passing in F1 and while the Overtaking Working Group were probably humoring FIA president Max Mosley when they said; “sure, we can throw that in for 2009” it is more than likely that Williams F1 conceded the fact as they have not gotten a race-ready KERS system yet.

I, for one, will be happy to see it go as currently specified. Maybe if they reclassified the regulations allowing for more horsepower and longer use duration it would make it interesting but as it is, it just prevents people from passing you. Not the intent to be honest.

KERS can always comeback as FOTA left that door open and if it does, I would hope a new FIA president will look at it with a real design for improving F1 instead of just “Green washing” the sport.


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