Race Report: Hamilton wins America, wins title!

The weekend was a damp squib for the Williams duo as well as Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen but in the end, the fans were able to weather the torrent of rain which pounded the US Grand Prix like Clubber Lang on steroids.

The rain abbreviated the qualifying session leaving Q2 results as the definitive grid positions for the race which would occur approximately three hours after qualifying. Qualifying was postponed until Sunday morning and the rain compressed the weekend to, effectively, a one-day affair.

The race was a torrid affair with Lewis Hamilton bullying Nico Rosberg wide at turn one, lap one but it was the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat who looked ready to pounce on Hamilton for the lead, if not win, in the damp starting conditions.

Ultimately it was Lewis Hamilton who would win the day and along with that, his third world driver’s title. As the only British driver to defend his title in back-to-back fashion, he also overhauls Sebastian Vettel in total wins as well.

Lewis is as excited as I have ever seen him. Standing next to him in the press interview, he was beaming with excitement and couldn’t wait to share his thoughts with the press. And why shouldn’t he? He just won the title in a place he likes very much, America. Truth be known, America likes him too so it’s a win/win really.


Obviously a huge win for Lewis Hamilton who secured his third Driver’s World Championship and became the first British driver to defend his title back-to-back. Lewis seems to like America and what better place to win his third title. That brings him equal on titles with his boss, Niki Lauda.

With attrition, there are only opportunities to gain serious points and that’s what McLaren did getting Jenson Button in the top ten and his teammate, Fernando Alonso, had the new engine. Odd that but regardless, Sauber managed to take advantage of the attrition by securing 9th in their 400th grand prix.

You have to give Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel a big win for starting with a 10-place grid penalty and still managing to finish on the podium.

Also a big win for Toro Rosso driver, Max Verstappen, for a terrific 4th place next to Force India’s Sergio Perez. Both drivers putting in a great race. Verstappen’s teammate, Carlos Sainz Jr, had a nice run to 7th and was very competitive in the waning laps on fresher tires.


Unfortunately it was a fail weekend for Williams F1 who seemed to be drowned by bumps on the circuit causing mechanical failures. At least that’s what they are blaming it on.

Kvyat had an unforced error causing a crash while doing very well and running high in the order. As difficult as that might be, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg was leading the race and had an error under acceleration and lost the lead to his closest rival and teammate, Lewis Hamilton. Effectively handing the world title to the British, Rosberg may not have had a real shot at winning the title but he certainly wanted to win the race.

You have to feel for Nico Rosberg but he was not a happy bunny as he threw his hat back at Lewis after Hamilton tossed him his podium hat. The icy wind in the waiting room was tangible.  Sure, Paddy Lowe didn’t look happy about the Hatgate but you know what I say? Good for Nico!  Shove that damn thing back at Lewis. He threw it first and set the tone for a serious arse kicking in 2016. Not that it will happen but if you have any hope of being champion, you’re going to have to get tough, Nico. Why not start with a hat.


I’m starting to get confused by Nico Hulkenberg who has his share of issues in the last few races and his clash with Daniel Ricciardo in turn one which ended his race, wasn’t exactly the kind fo driving you’d expect from the 24 Hours of Le Mans champion. (UPDATE): Just watched the Stewards video review and Nico’s front wing broke under braking. Nothing he could do, no penalty given.

I know Sir Elton John was playing a concert later on but I thought it an odd choice as a podium interviewer. My was I pleasantly surprised as he made George Lucas look like a Gungin on the podium. Great job Elton!

1.  Lewis Hamilton (Britain)     Mercedes               1:50:52.703  
2.  Nico Rosberg (Germany)       Mercedes               +00:02.850   
3.  Sebastian Vettel (Germany)   Ferrari                00:03.381    
4.  Max Verstappen (Netherlands) Toro Rosso - Renault   00:22.359    
5.  Sergio Perez (Mexico)        Force India - Mercedes 00:24.413    
6.  Jenson Button (Britain)      McLaren                00:28.058    
7.  Carlos Sainz Jr (Spain)      Toro Rosso - Renault   00:30.619    
8.  Pastor Maldonado (Venezuela) Lotus - Mercedes       00:32.273    
9.  Felipe Nasr (Brazil)         Sauber - Ferrari       00:40.257    
10. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) RedBull - Renault      00:53.371    
11. Fernando Alonso (Spain)      McLaren                00:54.816    
12. Alexander Rossi (U.S.)       Marussia - Ferrari     01:15.277    
r.  Daniil Kvyat (Russia)        RedBull - Renault      15 laps      
r.  Nico Huelkenberg (Germany)   Force India - Mercedes 21 laps      
r.  Marcus Ericsson (Sweden)     Sauber - Ferrari       31 laps      
r.  Kimi Raikkonen (Finland)     Ferrari                31 laps      
r.  Felipe Massa (Brazil)        Williams-Mercedes      33 laps      
r.  Romain Grosjean (France)     Lotus - Mercedes       46 laps      
r.  Valtteri Bottas (Finland)    Williams-Mercedes      51 laps      
r.  Will Stevens (Britain)       Marussia - Ferrari     55 laps      
(rank: r = retired, nc = not classified) 
Fastest Lap: Nico Rosberg,1:40.666, lap 49.


Overall Race
race-report-hamilton-wins-america-wins-titleHaving attended this race, the entire weekend was a win and the fans are incredible at COTA. The racing was unpredictable and it was real edge-of-seat action. A great USGP.
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A win for Manor and Rossi up in 12th! He drove a fairly clean race that saw him take the car all the way to the end. I think he might have been a hair higher if the track stayed damp.

The brief times the cameras were on him were great to see. I’d love to see Manor keep the stars and stripes. :)


I agree it was a win for Rossi, and it was a good P.R call by Manor to put the U.S flag on the rear wing, a US driver at the USGP, a good move to get a bit of extra coverage for the team.
I guess no one was making too much of they fact the official team name remains Manor MaRUSSIA?

Tom Firth

The name has been that way all year so I guess its related to the prize fund for last year perhaps? Although the company name is different now since the previous one went insolvent as is the holding company.


I think on the podcast they have talked about this as being to do with the name of the team holding the F1 licence / franchise.

Negative Camber

I hadn’t noticed but Jason at NBC pointed out to me that they changed him to the primes (I think that’s what he said…if that’s wrong, he was right and I have this backward) and that could have been a difference between 11th maybe. Jason was much more on it than I was but the point is…he may have done even better.


I was following the live timing and noticed that too. Nasr behind him switched to the options when the last Safety car can out, but Rossi stayed out on primes that were around 18 laps old. I could see Nasr behind him with fresh options and knew that his 11th position wouldn’t last. In hind sight the right choice might have been to come in for the yellow softs.


Lots of time behind the safety car and the like but he still managed to finish on the lead lap!

Junipero Mariano

Think of the delicious irony if Manor picks him up for next year with their Mercedes lumps and he outscores both Haas drivers: “How do you like me now?!”

Just sayin…;)


I think so too. He is looking good and doing what he needs to do to shine at a team like Manor. I just wonder if he really can stay at Manor for 2016. I’ve read some of his recent interviews and he comes across like he has a deal nearly signed for 2016. Although, he maybe partly talking he propositions for 2016 up a bit for the cameras and interviewers.

Tom Firth

Really good race, enjoyed it alot.

Congratulations to Hamilton on securing the title, really pleased with Verstappen’s 4th place and just overall a great race and one the american fans certainly deserved after the weather this weekend. Thanks to you folks for staying around and enjoying the race :-) Showed the passion of the american fans to F1.

Paul KieferJr

We’ll race anyone in anything, anywhere at any time under any conditions (yes, we even do so in swamps and giant mud bogs).


That was a heck of a race weekend, and a heck of a race – hopefully the effects of Hurricane Patricia weren’t too damaging to the region. Its a great achievement for Hamilton to take his third world title, only one behind Vettel now ;-) I’m disappointed for Rosberg, another chance to take a win has slipped through his fingers. I’d like to see him turn the status quo in Mercedes around, to make the championship abit more of a competition. It looks like the fight between Rosberg and Vettel for second in the WDC, will be the main excitement… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

1. It may not be THE fastest lap, but Jenson Button actually got A fastest lap! 2. Hamilton earned this race. Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, and Kvyat fought ferociously to keep 1st from Lewis. 3. Yes, Kvyat too. He wasn’t the only one to run wide today. 4. Ricciardo on Hamilton was the pass of the race for me. Dancing the dance with his car juuust right to get by Hammy and kept it on the straight and narrow afterwards. Awesome. 5. I’m excited to see what Ferrari and McLaren-Honda can pull out for the last few races and for next… Read more »


Nico has so many sour grapes he might as well open up a vineyard and sell some cheap wine at a gas station.


I can understand Rosberg’s frustration. He got hammered by Mercedes for putting a hard move on Hamilton at Spa last year, since then Hamilton has put a few hard moves on Rosberg (including this one) and the team don’t publicly admonish Hamilton in anyway. That on top of Rosberg making the mistake that hands Hamilton the race win must make him really grumpy. The last two seasons must have been pretty demoralising for Rosberg, he seems very resilient so hopefully he finds a way to challenge Hamilton in future and doesn’t wind up like Webber, Massa, Barachello – great drivers… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

That was some serious edge-of-the-seat racing. I could use that kind of excitement. The rain I can leave for other times when we need it.


I was a huge Lewis fan from his GP2 campaign and his first F1 seasons, but slowly I liked him less and less, as his personality came through. I can’t say I like the guy very much anymore.

But he deserves this championship. He did the work and got the results. Well done, Lewis.

I rooted for Nico all season (and last year too) but he’s just to nice on track and makes to many mistakes under pressure. I think he’s sealed his fate this season. He’ll never get a top drive again if he leaves Merc.


In my opinion, nico imploded today, I didn’t see any sign of him getting tough for next year. He let Lewis beat him to the 1st corner with the inside line, then whined about it after the race. Then caved under the slightest pressure to hand the lead back to him. He really had no valid complaints with the outcome of the race, and behaved like a toddler after. Now, if he had been like that after a legitimate gripe, fair enough, but he just got beat fair and square. Now Sebastian Vettel gave the perfect example, giving Lewis his… Read more »

Andreas Möller

Great race, after what was an intriguing weekend wondering if they’d even be able to do qualifying, and if not, how they’d line up the grid. The race itself had it all – fantastic passing, changing track conditions and dramatic as well as funny moments. Kimi’s headbutting with an advertising board before finally making it back on to the track was one of the latter ones, as well as his radio comments about being pushed by a Toro Rosso and how – if that was deemed ok by the stewards – he’d be happy to do the same. The only… Read more »


Best part was Kimi powering out from the wall.

When in doubt, go flat out!

John The Race Fan

The rain was bad, but the wind made it truly miserable in the morning! But race time had no rain, some stiff wind and a damp track. Perfect conditions for an exciting motor race, I’d say! Until Hamilton took the lead for good, it appeared as if the Red Bulls were able to stay close to the Mercs. Or maybe that was just Rosberg pouting? And what about Kimi powering out of the gravel after his off? That got a lot of cheers from us GA plebes around T19! The best moment of my Sunday was when I had to… Read more »