Race wins have Alonso’s confidence high. Should they?

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Winning on two very different tracks at Monza and then Singapore has Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso feeling good about his title chances, he says in his latest Ferrari diary.

Here’s Fernando:

The wins in Monza and Singapore inspire confidence, especially as they came after a difficult season, in which our championship chances have often hung by a thread. Winning on two very different types of track confirms that our car is very versatile and so we can tackle the coming races without any fear.

What do you make of the Ferrari at this point? Do you agree with him that he should feel good about the machine around him — in particular compared to the Red Bulls?

Alonso also had this to add:

I have been asked which was the best win, Singapore or Monza. Well, any win is great, wherever it comes, but I would have to say that winning in Italy at the wheel of a Ferrari was a really special and unique feeling.

It’s refreshing to see a driver not say his last win was the best. +1 for Fernando.


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