Racing Point launch RP20 in pink glory

From the beautiful shores of Lake Mondsee, Racing Point launched their car and did so in brilliant pink. The title sponsor, BWT, is based in Austria so it is most fitting to take advantage of that country’s beauty and locale to launch what the team hopes will be a 4th place challenger in 2020 for the constructor’s championship.

Team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, said:

“This year we want to be a strong fourth, we want to be closer to the top 3 than we’ve ever been in the past, and top of the midfield. This year we want to take a step up,” said Szafnauer.

“It’s not that easy, the competition’s getting stronger, McLaren did a really good job last year; Renault with the motor company and the 650 employees behind them; even Toro Rosso with the work that Honda did,” Otmar said.

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