Racism from Spain? Again?

A website (pinchalaruedadehamilton or burst Hamilton’s tyre) in Spain has garnered over 20,000 comments with some of them very derogatory and of a racist nature.I was wondering why an old story(regarding the racist comments from last winter) here at F1B was commented on today and it seems that people are gearing up the insidious machine prior to Lewis’s title bid this weekend.

To Max’s credit, he/FIA quickly, along with McLaren, condemned the racist comments and said that F1 has no place for racism. One thing Spanish fans might consider is that Lewis was not the cause of Fernando’s problems last year. McLaren were the cause of Fernando’s issues and handled the situation very poorly in my opinion. Harboring ill-will toward Lewis is really not sending any positive message or supporting any cause of Fernando Alonso’s. Fernando himself was quick to point out that he has no issue with Lewis. I am sure they are not buddies but still, there is little doubt who Fernando is not fond of. Let’s move on folks.

“The FIA’s position is very clear. Discrimination and prejudice can have no place in sport or society. Everyone in our sport will join us in condemning these abusive and hateful comments,” an FIA spokesman said.

McLaren “McLaren was one of the earliest supporters of the FIA’s ‘Every Race’ campaign, and we support that campaign still. We’ve seen today’s statement from an FIA spokesman, and we can only echo it.”

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