Raikkonen: ‘Accidents happen’

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Perhaps this fits in the  “No $H#*” file of Formula One observations but leave it to Kimi Raikkonen to say it plainly and without a hidden agenda. When asked about the Grosjean incident and first lap collision, Raikkonen says that it is inevitable and part of the sport.

Raikkonen told reporters:

“People try to improve their position at the start because it is the easiest place to overtake people,” Kimi said.

“Unfortunately in the races it is difficult to get past so if you can get a place at the start then it will make your life easier.”

The issue, as AUTOSPORT rightfully points out, is that the very nature of the series makes it very difficult to pass and the start is the easiest place to gain positions. All drivers know this and that is why they go for broke at the start. Except now we have DRS and that makes it easy to pass right?

In the end, first lap collisions have always been a part of he sport as 24 cars head into the first turn jockeying for position. It’s not just Formula One, many racing series have this problem…just watch a re-start of an Indycar race for crying out loud!



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