Raikkonen says team got it wrong

If you were scratching your head over why Kimi Raikkonen failed to make it out of Q1 during the Austrian Grand Prix qualifying session today, you’re not alone. It seems Raikkonen himself was confused as well:


“I got some information and obviously it was wrong,” said Raikkonen.

“I was doing the same thing I had been told when I was out.

“I never got the information that what was first the plan is now not possible and obviously we missed the lap completely.

“The information I had was three laps and they obviously noticed we went out too late at some point and we were not going to have three timed laps.

“I was doing the normal thing and I was told that the plan had changed suddenly.

“The point is they sent me out too late, we missed the one lap and obviously it cost us a lot.

“I did the plan as I was told. There was a mistake at some point. The plan changed but I was never told.”


So basically there was a plan and there was a change of plan but the timing wasn’t right and the plan wasn’t the plan or he didn’t know the plan had changed and drove to a plan. Got that?

Kimi put in a hot lap followed by a slower lap and was ready to go for the final lap but time ran out. Regardless, Kimi feels the team missed the call and ruined their own chances of having another car on the front of the grid.


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Is it me or is Kimi quick to blame others?


Does not appear to be just you :-)


I didn’t realize Kimi was blaming you at all…

Junipero Mariano

I’m sure Ferrari will want Kimi to finish right around Vettel and at least ahead of Williams. At least he gets a fresh set of tires for not passing Q1 and those could replace the ones he flat spotted in practice.

Jason Smith

Maybe it’s all a brilliant plan to maximize TV screen time as he comes through the field. It worked for Seb in Canada…


Could you imagine the conspiracy rants that would be filling the blogosphere, if Kimi was English…………..The Italians flavouring their European driver over the foreigner, deliberately destroying his chances, etc, etc, oh the outrage!
How can Kimi ever forgive them for this act of treachery???????

Paul KieferJr

So, basically, Raikkonen said nothing….which is about par for the course.

Jason Smith

Maybe the team just assumed he knew what he was doing and left him alone…


LOL, post of the week :-)