Raikkonen to stay at Ferrari?

While pressure mounts for Kimi Raikkonen, as he remain winless in the last four months, and Fernando Alonso silly season rumors run amok, Luca Di Blah, blah, blah has admitted that Kimi is going nowhere in 2009.The speculation has been that Kimi is unmotivated to win, looking to retire, Fred is coming over to Ferrari in 2009 because Kimi has lost his edge.  All of this seems to have been trumped by an existing contract and perhaps some behond the scenes wrangling.

Luca, when asked if the driver line-up would remain the same for 2009, said “absolutely, yes”.  The natural question would be to ask if Fernando should keep looking elsewhere and Luca replied:

“I don’t know if he can put his mind at rest, poor guy, at the moment it’s up to him. I was sorry to see a great champion like him be out of the top ten at Valencia.

“But with regards to Ferrari, he can put his mind at rest.”


“It can’t be forgotten that he’s the world champion, and that last year he won in his first season with Ferrari, while many people never thought he would do so. Now he has 17 victories and I hope he’ll get back to winning ways in the next Grand Prix in Belgium. Anyway, he’s not a driver in crisis.

“Kimi is motivated and we must work to put him in the conditions to start races nearer the front, especially on these new circuits which I don’t like and are bad for F1: you can’t overtake on them, and nine times out of ten the man on pole wins.”

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