Raikkonen: ‘We’re not stupid’

If you felt like turning off the race in Bahrain after the first few laps, you may be a Ferrari fan. The president himself left the circuit in disgust and it hasn’t made it easy to be a Ferrari fan let alone an employee. However, interesting to note that Kimi Raikkonen has been making the press rounds this week suggesting that Ferrari aren’t stupid. AUTOSPORT has the call:

“At least on paper [Bahrain] was the hardest track for us but we have some new parts coming and hopefully we improve,” Raikkonen said.

“We know what we have to do. The people are pushing 100 per cent, but it takes time. That’s the fact.

“We are not stupid people, we have good things going on.

“Unfortunately right now it’s not the prettiest thing when you look at the end of the race, but I have belief in the team that we can turn it around.

“I’ve been with this team and other teams having a hard time and I’m sure we can get it right.”

Ferrari has a very tough season ahead and a lot of performance to claw back into the F14T. As we’ve mentioned many times, development is where the real battle begins in any Formula 1 season and if we look to Ferrari’s pace of development over the past few seasons, is there reason for hope that they can make substantial gains over the next few months? Compounding that fact, Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull and perhaps either Williams or Force India won’t be standing still either. Time will tell but perhaps Kimi will continue to keep us posted.


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