Red Bull extends the Concorde agreement to 2012 becoming only the second team to do so. No secret that RBR is going to be supplied Ferrari engines next year and that Ferrari are the only other team to have signed the contract extension with current F1 management; FOM. Rumors had persisted that Toyota would be the next team to sign but amid speculation; RBR makes the move.

Does the move by RBR make it more legitimate or just a me-too move to appease the Prancing Horse? Other teams will no doubt wring their hands and accuse RBR of salacious motives but when in need of a lump for ’06; one must regard the politics, cash and power that Ferrari bring to F1. Flavio stated as much when he praised Max for his work at the FIA and his respect for Mr. Ecclestone at FOM. Could Renault be the next to sign? Will this doom the GPWC and bring the other team in line?

BMW has a new team for ’06 and Williams is hunting for an engine supplier while McLaren look to be the class of the field suffering from poorly timed bad luck. Toyota and Honda have a personal war to contend with for bragging rights and the main head-scratcher seems to be; when do the manufacturers have time to worry about making another series while engaged in the business of doing business within the confines of the Concorde agreement that is gasping for its last breath?

A year will tell but I surmise they all will fall in line with a few tweaks to the extension to throw some bones to the manufacturers and appease the advertisers. I have been wrong before and this may be another moment in which I find myself bereft of the truth given the politics but I am not sure how any other series could get launched world-wide in a year and a half.

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