Refueling rejected

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For those of you who were ready for the return of re-fueling, apparently that has now been taken off the table as possible solutions for the foreseeable future.

According to reports, the teams and FIA met in Canada this week and the idea was squashed over cost concerns and the actual efficacy of the concept in providing more action give that passing increased when they banned re-fueling. Color me reactionary but couldn’t that be attributed to DRS and HD tires as well?

Actually no, a study was performed on the issues, according to AUTOSPORT, and found that passing increased due to the ban on re-fueling. Fair enough, although I’d love to know how they determined those metrics.

For now, 2017 doesn’t look to be a re-fueling extravaganza and perhaps the knee-jerk reaction is elation but there were several who believed that making the cars faster required lower fuel load (less weight) and more fuel usage. There were many who were looking forward to the activity returning to the sport.



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Lol, they’re using RonSpeak. Passing increased but not because of DRS. We only created DRS to let faster cars get around slower cars.

Alianora La Canta

No-refuelling and DRS/blancmange tyres were introduced in two different years (2010 for the former, 2011 for the latter). Both increased the tendency for cars to get by each other by the same amount (no-refuelling through legitimate overtakes, DRS by increasing drivers letting other drivers through, and blancmange tyres by a mixture).

Richard Bunce

Since they all have roughly the same fuel load throughout the race, it would seem that with refueling there would be times around the pit stop windows that some cars would be very light and other cars would have just refueled and that would lead to more overtaking, for the sake of overtaking granted.

Richard Bunce

Until they address the top side aero issue of not being able to run close to another car quality of racing will be an issue… it has been several decades since ground effects were effectively banned… better aero models, better materials would allow ground effects to be implemented safely. Place a limit on total downforce from any source on the car and open up the ground effects again.

Steve Calvert

I’ve said all along that a team that’s not one of the top teams should be running both cars at the same time in their wind tunnel time. This way, they get the edge when it comes to pulling up and passing cars in front of them.

Richard Bunce

Some wealthy F1 fan should get a couple of cars from a couple years ago and modify their aero package to be heavily weighted to ground effects then take them out on the track and compare their ability to run close together after the change to what they could do before the change…. Formula e could do it… they do not go fast enough on the straits let alone corners to hurt anyone.


I think the ‘overtaking group’ did come up with a set of aero regulations that would have minimised the air disturbance from the cars, but that wasn’t accepted and we got DRS instead.


Interesting idea Steve, I wonder if any of the teams do try to optimise their aero packages for disturbed air conditions?

Steve Calvert

Look at what Vettel did. He drove from the back of the pack around some pretty fast cars. He’s figured out that maybe these tires will work if they’re pressed.

Now get up there and pass people…


Fair comment Steve, Actually in Canada when the tv coverage focused on the midfield racing there was a heap of passing going on. I suspect if we were to see more of the midfield, we’d see more passing. Possibly, the cars there aren’t being driven as close to their limits so there is more of a margin for a bit of commitment to make a difference? Also the risk to reward ratio is probably better in the midfield, and the evil DRS would have an influence in the ability to get up close. Either way, it can be done, but… Read more »


If low profile tyres are introduced in 2017, that would remove another barrier to reintrducing ground effect cars.
And if they could allow ground effects without skirts, that could almost be road relevant technology………

Richard Bunce

With all the active suspension technology already showing up in road cars, having active skirts combined with modern materials, could be very viable.


No, the drivers would wait until the other went into the pits to overtake.

It’s what happened before 2010 and happened less in 2010 and after.

Richard Bunce

Depends on the setup I guess… if already following closely and suspect the car ahead will pit first then yes… if car that just pitted (full tank and fresh but cool tires) comes out in front of another car (near empty tank and old but warm tires) then for a couple laps on track passing would be more likely?

Paul KieferJr

Sorry, dude, but I’m outta gas. >rimshot< :D


Faster cars doesn’t necessarily mean more overtaking. And figures for 2010 show that the ban on refuelling more than doubled the overtake actions on track and that was even before DRS and HD tyres. You can check for that.

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