Ready for 7 Sprint races in 2022?

Source: Lamborghini Media

F1 boss, Stefano Domenicali, is bullish about the 2022 Formula 1 season and while the official calendar release is a few weeks away, he did reveal a few key elements to Sky Sports F1.

“I can anticipate that, for sure, the calendar will be done with 23 races,” said Domenicali.

“Of course we will be very respectful towards the Covid regulations issued around the world from the different governments. But that is our aim that F1 can give this sign of hope and to go to normal things to enjoy.”

“The idea is to make sure there is the right rhythm to the calendar. There are of course considerations related to periods to make sure logistically the flow has to be right.

“One thing I can tell you, without discovering too many things is that next year the season will start in the middle of March and will finish in the middle of November.”

As the calendar expands, there is one element that could feature more prominently and that’s the inclusion of more Sprint races.

“We said at the beginning of the year there would be three tests this year to make sure we have the right plan for the future,” he said. “The vast majority of the comments we received were super positive. Promoters are super happy because there is something new and important on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

“We are receiving this positive feedback therefore we need to know next year we have a great plan where we will consider also the points highlighted by people who did not like this format. Generally speaking it has been an incredible success.”

“I can say we will not go everywhere with the Sprint qualy format. It is something we want to keep for one third of the races more or less and to connect with a certain different way of giving rewards and points and to connect with specific circuits that as you know would make the difference.

“So there is a lot of food for thought. We will involve all the stakeholders: broadcasters, drivers, teams, promoters and fans. We won’t forget our role is to take the right decision and to consider all the points and points of view of everyone.”

I am curious what your thoughts are on adding a total of seven Sprint races to a 23-race calendar? I can’t say that I was a huge fan of the Sprint race and feel like there needs to be some tweaking or adjusting to the regulations and way in which the sprint race impacts a race weekend.

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The first 5 laps or so of the Sprint Race are fine, the rest is just processional.
Also, FP2 is totally pointless.


I really liked Silverstone’s Sprint Race. I think that the drivers did not know what to expect and threw caution to the wind on that particular day. We got to see what these racers were capable of if they threw tyre and fuel conservation out the window.

But once they had seen the outcome and subsequent consequences of going like hell, they quickly fell back into a routine at Monza.

Xean Drury

In my evaluation, the only way that Sprint makes sporting sense is if:
Friday is P1, P2, Sprint
Saturday is P3, Quali
Sunday is Race

The beauty of Quali vs Race or Sprint is that it’s a completely different animal, so having it split the two similar critters is the only way that it works. ~X8


How do you establish the start order of the Sprint?
Also, P3 becomes pointless, much like P2 is now.

Xean Drury

Good question. if I ran the zoo, Sprint grid start would likely be last race finish result. Given that many cars run good at one course but not the next, it would dice things up sufficiently. But given that Sprint is worth so little over all, it would also be a good venue to test various grid start determinations. Reverse grid? Random? It’d be a good venue to try this silliness since the Race in this scheme would still be determined by Qualifying. Also, I would think that P3 would matter more than P2 since P1 & P2, teams would… Read more »