Ready for Bahrain? Virtual lap with Red Bull’s Mark Webber

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The season is almost upon us. Only nine days left of guessing, hand-wringing and chest-pounding and then the lights go out. As a primer for the first race of the 2010 season, Red Bull has created a new series of videos showcasing their F1 race simulator for a virtual lap of the upcoming race circuit.

As a completely unofficial sponsor of Red Bull and one of their largest consumers, I applaud the work of their marketing department. Scratch that–I actually celebrate their PR efforts on a daily basis. No, I receive zero PR dollars for my support of their efforts and, seriously I don’t. And here I thought Didi would be my friend.

This is a great series akin to the Williams F1 series last year featuring Nico Rosberg tracing a track by memory with a pen while blindfolded. I also enjoyed that series as well and that isn’t easy. I tried to do that stunt using my driveway as the circuit…failed miserably.

Enjoy the new Red Bull video series and we will attempt to bring them to you as they are released. That is if I have enough Red Bull to keep me awake, motivated and championing the sports drink giant.


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