Ready to get your very own McLaren?

What’s Ron Dennis been up to lately? Building the world’s greatest super car according to McLaren. The Forbes Lifestyle reporter Hannah Elliott had a chance to catch up with McLaren’s managing director Antony Sheriff this weekend to discuss the new MP4-12C. Actually she got to sit in it according to her gracious reply to my Direct Message via Twitter. She said it has lots of headroom for those taller folks of means.

You can check out her details and nice story over at Forbes. The car does look amazing and it is certainly a marriage between the McLaren road car division and their F1 department. We’ve talked at length about how F1 translates to road cars and perhaps Ferrari and McLaren exemplify that marriage better than anyone else.

The car promises to have a super car price tag but my favorite quote from Ms. Elliott’s story regarding the steep price was:

That won’t be a problem for the buyers it’ll attract—it’s not an either-or car, it’s an “and” car, as Sheriff likes to say: guys in this price bracket don’t have to choose whether to get the MP4-12C or the Ferrari F430–they’ll just get both.

Someone has to pay for that F1 division don’t they? You can check out the details of the car here. What do you think? You like the MP4-12C? If I’m honest, I’m partial to the Ferrari 599XX.

The car is not on sale yet in the states but I imagine Dennis will be pleased with the timing of a USGP returning in 2012. Just in time to start selling McLaren’s in America!

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