(Really) Silly Season: Sutil says he’s staying at Force India

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This might be more a story about Vitaly Petrov than anyone else.

Adrian Sutil is closing in on an extended deal with Force India, the German told Autosport today. He’d been rumored for a possible seat at Renault — replacing pay Russian driver Petrov — or maybe Williams, although there are a lot of other pay drivers’ names floating around that team.

This may mean that Petrov, who’s been fine, not outstanding, with a few head-scratching moments during his rookie year, will be able to keep his Renault seat. Although it isn’t as though there aren’t other drivers out there. (Nick Heidfeld, anyone?)

Here’s more:

“I am close to Force India and although there is nothing signed yet, the direction is towards Force India at the moment,” Sutil told AUTOSPORT ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“It looks good at the moment. I said already many times that I am happy to stay here another year, and I cannot say more at the moment. There is nothing signed at the moment but the direction is Force India.”

Sutil declined to elaborate on the factors behind his decision, but said he was very happy to be continuing his career with Force India.

“I feel good here. I was born here, let’s say. It’s my first team and I still feel good in this one.

“For sure there is a certain time where you think you may need another challenge or to change teams, but I still feel good here and I still feel we can improve our performance. We can do better next year and thinking about that I have to continue another relationship and another partnership.”

Sutil says the deal might get worked out a few weeks after the season ends.

So, this leaves a few other questions.

What’s it mean for the other Force India seat? Has Vitantonio Liuzzi done enough to keep his spot or does the team move Paul di Resta in there?

Is Petrov safe? What of Williams?

And: If you were Adrian, how many seasons would you sign up for with Force India? Just one? Multiple?

Finally: Good move or not?


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