Rebellion Racing wins final ALMS race at Petit Le Mans

The Petit Le Mans is a terrific event at Road Atlanta and having been to the race a few times, I know first hand what it means to the teams to win at this historic racing circuit. The ALMS series has enjoyed a long history of racing here but the 2013 Petit Le Mans will signal the final time the series races at Road Atlanta as the merger with Grand Am will end the ALMS series and spring forth a United Sportscar Series sponsored by TUDOR.

Rebellion Racing ‘s Nick Heidfeld, Neel Jani and Nicolas Prost won the 2013 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta on Saturday laying claim to history books as the team and drivers who not only raced but were victorious on the last-ever ALMS race. I must say that it is indeed a sad day for me to witness the last ALMS race. I considered ALMS some of the best racing in America. When Audi and toyota pulled out on many of the races, after the 2008 economic crunch, the series lost its major push but still produced terrific racing. Here’s the order.

 1. P1   Heidfeld/Jani/Prost              Rebellion Lola-Toyota         
 2. P2   Tucker/Briscoe/Franchitti        Level 5 HPD                  -6 laps 
 3. P2   Sharp/Lazzaro/Brabham            Extreme Speed HPD            -6 laps 
 4. P2   Cosmo/Kane/Dumbreck              Level 5 HPD                  -7 laps 
 5. PC   Marcelli/Cumming/Johansson       BAR1 FLM                    -14 laps
 6. PC   Rayhall/Negri                    8Star FLM                   -14 laps
 7. PC   Bennett/Kimber-Smith/Wilkins     CORE FLM                    -17 laps
 8. GT   Henzler/Sellers/Tandy            Falken Porsche              -19 laps
 9. GT   Muller/Edwards/Auberlen          RLL BMW                     -19 laps
10. GT   Beretta/Malucelli/Liddell        Risi Ferrari                -19 laps
11. P1   Dyson/Burgess/McMurry            Dyson-Lola                  -20 laps
12. GT   Alzen/Martin/Muller              RLL BMW                     -20 laps
13. GT   Bomarito/Wittmer/Kendall         SRT Viper                   -21 laps
14. GT   Magnussen/Garcia/Taylor          Corvette                    -21 laps
15. GT   Farnbacher/Goossens/Dalziel      SRT Viper                   -22 laps
16. GT   Long/Braun/Christensen           CORE Porsche                -22 laps
17. P2   Brown/van Overbeek/Bell          Extreme Speed HPD           -25 laps
18. GT   Sweedler/Keen/Mowlem             Ferrari F458 Italia         -25 laps
19. GT   Gavin/Milner/Westbrook           Corvette                    -25 laps
20. PC   Drissi/Mitchell/French           BAR1 FLM                    -29 laps
21. PC   Guasch/Cheng/Cameron             PR1 Mathiasen FLM           -35 laps
22. GTC  Canache Jr/Pumpelly/Snow         Flying Lizard Porsche       -37 laps
23. GTC  Dempsey/Lally/Foster             Dempsey Del Piero Porsche   -37 laps
24. GTC  Hedlund/Heylen/Fogarty           JDX Porsche                 -37 laps
25. GTC  MacNeil/Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen  Alex Job Porsche            -38 laps
26. GTC  Neiman/von Moltke/Sandberg       Flying Lizard Porsche       -50 laps
27. GTC  Keating/Faulkner/Stanton         TRG Porsche                 -55 laps*
28. GTC  Armindo/Nielsen/Benitez Jr       NGT Porsche                 -55 laps
29. PC   Junqueira/Ende/Menezes           ORECA FLM                   -99 laps
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